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  1. High-temperature Alloys for Industrial Applications

    High-temperature Alloys for Industrial Applications Since 1912, Haynes International has concentrated on the production of special alloys. The original product, cobalt-based metal-cutting tools, provided a natural entry into the high-temperature alloy field at mid-century with the advent of commercial jet engines.

  2. High-entropy alloys | Nature Reviews Materials

    High-entropy alloys have greatly expanded the compositional space for alloy design. In this Review, the authors discuss model high-entropy alloys with interesting properties, the physical , high alloys

  3. High-Entropy Alloys | ScienceDirect

    High-entropy alloys (HEAs), being multicomponent equiatomic or near equiatomic in nature, have a high mixing entropy. They have a strong tendency to form disordered and partially ordered solid solutions instead of stoichiometric intermetallic compounds or strong elemental segregation, when they are prepared through various processing routes.

  4. High entropy alloys - Wikipedia

    High-entropy alloys (HEAs) are alloys that are formed by mixing equal or relatively large proportions of (usually) five or more elements. Prior to the synthesis of these substances, typical metal alloys comprised one or two major components with smaller amounts of other elements.

  5. High Performance Alloys is your small quantity specialist

    High Performance Alloys is your small quantity specialist. Welcome to HPALLOY where your needs are more important than the amount of product you require. We specialize in small quantities; to us EVERY customer and EVERY order counts. You will always get the consideration and attention to detail you deserve.

  6. Mechanical and Physical Properties of High alloy - Steel , high alloys

    High alloy for physical, mechanical and environmental data, all High alloy steel grades.

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